Thursday, August 30, 2007

Toys that come with food

If you are a family who never eats out and isn't plagued by the plastic menace of the toy-with-food idea, kudos to you! This article is not for you.

If, however, you occasionally (or frequently) find yourself in the drive-thru, Read On!

We have a rule in our home about toys that come with food in kids meals, and my mom said I should share it.

Toys-from-food are affectionately known as 24 Hour Toys in our house, because, unless they are truly spectacular, like the magnetic gears set we got from Sonic a few years ago that still grace the refrigerator door, or the DK Books from Chick-fil-a about all manner of things, they go in the garbage after 24 hours.

Another thing to do with these is to donate them to your church or school Prize Boxes, but I find the Round File or the Recycle Bin to be the very best place for that junk ;)


Garrick & Bonnie said...


In our case, on the rare occasion that I get them a kids' meal (as opposed to getting the relevant items separately), the toys stay in the van. Then, when I actually clean out the van, they disappear.

mom2threepks said...

We call them junkie toys! Since they end up in my purse at the fast food place, unless they ask for them within a day or so I pitch 'em! I will say, though, that some of them make very good box fillers if you do Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child.

Ash said...

Here here! We have the same rule. Those little gadgets can be maddening otherwise. :-P

Blessed2bhome said...

DD's happy meal toys always "disappear" too. She doesn't even notice.

Tricia said...

I pull them out of the meal before I even give it to DD. (She's young enough still that she doesn't know they are "supposed" to come with a toy.) I keep them in the car and use them as special toys when we travel to see family (9hr drive). Handing them out periodically keeps them new & exciting. I toss them when we get back home.

The O'Neal Family said...

This is not the first time that I have heard this rule. My sister recently told me that they do this too. We used to keep them in a baggie in the car (for long car rides), but have since gone to the 24 hour rule as well.

Wendy (wao102375 on GCM)

Gem said...

We have a rule, after the first time I find one on the floor, it goes in the Honduras box. We have church members who go to Honduras every year and they can pack a TON of these tiny little toys into a suitcase and gift literally hundreds of Honduran children in poverty with a toy of their very own -- something they may never have otherwise.

Having said that, if there weren't someone immediate and local who wanted them, they would be pitched! Too much clutter to try to save them, box them up, and take them somewhere for my scatterbrain!

Karen of TX said...

We still have the Sonic gears on the fridge too!