Saturday, February 2, 2008

Post Daniel Fast food ramblings

The pastor of our church ( Jeff Williams ) called us to a Daniel Fast for 21 days last month. It was a time of prayer for revelation of the Lord's will for the direction of the growth of our church.

I thought it was a really gutsy kind of fast to call, since this IS Texas. Calling us to be Vegan for three weeks was, in my opinion, inspired.

I made my lists for the groceries for my own meals, and realized that I was going to be in trouble if I didn't give up a long held prejudice about certain grains.

Now, here's the ugly truth. I HATE brown rice. Really, that processed Mahatma is my very favorite, but it was not on the fast. Whole grains only, you see? I have always liked those packages of Uncle Bens Long Grain and Wild rice, though. I went to the HFS and found this product. I really like Bobs Red Mill Whole wheat pastry flour, and pretty much everything else I've gotten from their product line, and this rice did not disappoint! It has a rich nutty flavor, and is not really like eating 'rice' as I have ever known it. I discovered, after I had eaten up the rice in the first package, that I can buy this kind of mix of rice in the bulk bin at my HFS, is just as good, and requires less driving on my part.

Now, if only my husband and children were as excited about it as I am ;)

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The quote at the top of your blog cracks me right up. I love it!

Hey, on the vegan front, I don't know if it's really vegan but you may want to check out

She has a $45 menu to feed a family of 6 for for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack for a full week. No meat except hot dogs but you can twiddle with it.

Anyway, I'm glad you liked my post. I hope to hear from you more as time goes by. :o)

Shelly M.
The Mom With Brownies