Friday, July 27, 2007

About drinking water

Only water is water. You can add lemon or something like that to flavor it, but not those stupid colored sugar packets that claim to have nutrients (like Propel.) You can also add EmergenC which comes in dozens of flavors. It's not about boring. You have to get past that idea and stop saying "I hate water" ESPECIALLY in front of your children. Water is critical in every part of your life, it has to be given the respect it is due. Your drinks are not for entertainment or to keep you occupied. They are to keep your blood from turning to sludge and giving you heart disease, and to keep your organs free from disease causing toxins, and your bowels free of chronic goo that causes cancer if it stays in there long enough. Unfortunately we have been sold a bill of goods that our drinks should be exciting (Hey Koolaid!!) and it's just not so. Once you start drinking water regularly, you will find that you crave it terribly and come to LOVE it!The first few days of proper hydration, you will pee and pee and pee, but after about a week, you'll be back to a normal amount of peeing as your body adjusts to being properly hydrated, and you'll only go every few hours and not have to get up in the night to go.Drinking water gives you a headache because you are so toxic and dehydrated that your body begins to purge the toxins when you drink appropriately. They can also give you a headache if you stop drinking caffine to get your water. Take a tylenol or an excedrin and keep drinking. The headaches will go away in four days. Also if you are drinking caffinated drinks, well, caffine is a diuretic, so it makes you more dehydrated.

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