Thursday, July 26, 2007

in defense of the 14yo girl

There is not much more miserable an age for girls than 14,

IMO.I know that my own mother seemed to feel that everything I did was just to make her miserable. Really, I was just so miserable myself and I couldn't even figure out why.

Having studied women and the way our bodies work for more than a decade now, I realize that a great part of it was adrenal fatigue and low blood sugar not allowing me to think clearly and making me irritable and angry. I didn't know about it, and neither did my mom.

Teens don't eat normally and regularly, and even when they do, it's rarely good food. I remember eating a plate of fries and two packages of reeces peanutbutter cups for lunch each day.
No wonder I was so awful by the time my mom got home.
No wonder I spent the last hour before she got home doing my chores and muttering "I hate her I hate her I hate her" because she 'made' me do chores (and really very very few chores.)

Now I know that if I have the "I-hates" like that, it's because I NEED PROTEIN! Part of it was hormones.

I wish my mom had known to give me Pulsitillia 30C when I was in such a bad way hormonally. I think it would have saved us both a lot of heartache.

The other thing that would be helpful to know is that teenaged girls need Cal/Mag in a BIG way. Their bodies just simply don't get the building blocks they need from our demineralized foods grown in overtaxed soils.

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