Friday, July 27, 2007

When people say rude things to pregnant women

You just have to have a few 'whammies' up your sleeve.

Rude Big baby/Twins comment gets: It's one ENORMOUS baby I'm going to have at home with no drugs.

You're about to pop comment: Yea, you better move it, I think my water just broke.

Swallowed a watermelon: Won't my dh be disapointed that the baby he wants so badly is just a watermelon

The EVER POPULAR Don't you know how that happens comment:
No, I can't figure it out. Please let me know, and don't spare any details (wide eyed) OR "Yes, of course I know how it happens. Dh and I are so good at it that it is effective every time. You need some pointers??"

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Linda said...

I never did it, but when I was pregnant I swore that at one point, when I get the big baby / twins / "how many babies" comment I'd act surprised and say "I'm not pregnant, what do you mean?"

And for the "do you know how that happens", put on a really patient face and start in a preachy voice "well, when a mommy and a daddy really loves each other..."