Thursday, July 26, 2007

On the Christian Woman and Orgasm!

Your brain is your most important sexual organ.

Often women who have trouble with surrender, or who have trust issues, or even who have feelings about sex being 'too dirty for a good Christian woman' can have issues with orgasm. It's more common than you might think.It's hard for some women to make the shift from sex and sexual feelings being a huge "no-no" and being "dirty" prior to marriage to being "healthy, good, normal, wonderful...a real gift from God" once they are married or once they have accepted Jesus as their savior. I've known couples who had great sex as a secular married couple who had tons of problems including no orgasms once they were saved because they couldn't make the shift to thinking of sex as God's perfect and amazing plan for married people. They just got in the mindset of it being for procreation only, or that 'good Christians don't have down and dirty sex, when the reality couldn't be farther from the truth.

God gave us absolute proof that he wanted us to have great sex regardless of procreation by creating the Clitoris. It is the only human organ whose SOLE purpose is to bring pleasure. I believe God put it up where he did rather than in our vaginas so that childbearing wouldn't be more painful than it is (the clitoris has TONS of nerve endings that are very very sensitive!) Of course, it means to have an orgasm, most women need to stimulate it manually rather than relying on penetration during intercourse to do the job.

It's a perfect plan flawed by a pornographic idea Isn't it just like Satan to try and steal our birthright in that way....make no mistake, orgasm is your birthright by His magnificent design!

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