Friday, July 27, 2007

Mom sex, wild sex, dirty sex. Holy Sex?

We're so programmed by our society to think that a motherly body is unsexy and undesirable, we have willfully given Satan the most precious of gifts from God....our intimacy with our husbands.

That's sin as far as I'm concerned. I am only so blunt to shake things up, make you think about sex from a God point of view.

Yes, it's wierd, but should it be? When He said "Go forth and multiply" I'm pretty sure he wasn't talking about mathmatics, you know?

It's almost a mission for me to help women in America see this and find the amazing Godly passion for their husbands. I want them to see intellectually that when they dress up for their husbands or choose something other than 'mom sex' (hidden in your flannel nightgown until all the lights are out and you're under the covers,) that their husbands see THEM, and are not (in most cases) fantacizing about some playboy/internet 'model', and are TOTALLY turned on by THEM and how they look (men = visually stimulated, remember?) God hard wired them that way, and I figure He had a good reason.

Your husband doesn't look at you and thing 'eww, she's saggy.' only you do that. He's looking at you and thinking 'Woo hoo, I'm gonna get me some of THAT! Praise GOD! Thank you Jesus!'

So, yes, I'm going to KEEP preaching that God loves sex and invented sex for our pleasure, and that when we remember that, it becomes something more than becomes HOLY.

Holy sex? You bet. In marriage, there's no other kind...the marriage bed is undefiled!

Sex as a 'dirty' thing is a lie from the PIT OF HELL! Satan wants us to think that way. He wants to steal the joy and wildness out of our love, out of our marriages.

That which pleases the Lord is NEVER SHAMEFUL.

That shame is a LIE. Satan is a great thief who wants you to think these things.

Repeat after the crazy midwife:

We have more to do and more to love and more love to make than to give that jerk the time of day!

Take back the wild sex. It is a gift from God. He invented it. He put all the nerves where they belong. He gave us desire for our spouses. He set up the system so that we would want to have great sex. Who else could design such a plan??

Certainly not Satan who is only about perversion and distruction. He wouldn't want to build your marriage with amazing intimacy. Only the one true God would and does!

When you let the lie (that wild sex inside of marriage is dirty rather than worshipful) become truth in your marriage, Satan has had his way with THAT's dirty.


Amanda said...

Your "Praise GOD! Thank you Jesus!" made me giggle, because it is so true, lol. Thanks for the reminder!

CNH said...

Do you mind if I link to this from my blog Alison? It's so, so important!

MidnightCafe said...

Allison, you are too totally cool!! You always have such wise words in such a down-to-earth way! I agree with you completely.

Ash said...

Amen. :D