Friday, July 27, 2007

Five Year Olds

I love 5. it is an age when they can wipe their own tush, hold and use scissors, and still think adults are really cool.They are energetic and changing into 'big kids' They think the most amazing things! When they are not overwhelmed by their changing view of the world, they are sunny in disposition and willing to try all kinds of new things. It's a time of exploring the attitudes and outlooks of the people around them, and learning to tie shoe laces. There is so much that I LOVE about 5. I think it's harder when your oldest is 5 and you still think of them as a baby. I know a lot of 5yo's who have been potty trained for years and their moms are still wiping their tushes...time to get some of those flushable wipes and let them do it themselves! A 5yo can cook things (with supervision of course) and can fold and put away laundry. A 5yo can vacuum. They love to have 'grown up' jobs. They love to choose their own clothes (umm, you should see my 5yo right and cream paisley long sleeve tee and a brown courderoy jumper/dress with pink and cream leather flowers on the front.) They can help make grocery lists and put away groceries when you bring them in from the car.

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