Friday, July 27, 2007

Negative Family Reactions to Pregnancy

This reaction is actually pretty typical in the 50-80 age set. These are women who "fought" so that their daughters wouldn't have to be "tied down" These are the women who fought and paid for the right of every woman to work outside her home for equal pay and to not 'have' to have children at all. They brought us major 'advances' in birth control and abortion rights. They are the authors of the Equal Rights Amendment (Did you ever actually read this document? It's so very scary.)They don't understand what a smart, educated woman is doing having lots of babies and then staying home and raising her children, nevermind that the generations they produced are the most self-centered, disfunctional, unhappiest people EVER.

In their paradigm you are a waste of a good education and they don't understand why you aren't just having one or two children and dumping them in daycare and working because you're smart.They forgot that what they were really fighting for was the right to CHOOSE to go to work for equal pay OR stay home with our children OR find a way to seek balance between working and being home with our children (assigning actual value to the children as people in their own rights and as future leaders of our world, rather than just having 2.4 of them because it was expected)

The initial reaction to pregnancy is "Only stupid girls get pregnant" and "It was on purpose? Why on EARTH would a smart girl like you want to do something so STUPID." ....then reality hits them and the thought process is.... oh, yea, you wanted that baby and my reaction probably hurt your feelings .oO(which are stupid because only stupid girls are excited about being pregnant) I better 'make nice' and call to congratulate you.They are only a product of their inculcation, and only God can turn their hearts. It can happen. I got the "stupid girls" reaction from my mom with the first two, and she had a total change of heart, and was so generous in her excitement about the second two....and is still believing for a 5th in spite of dh's V. Only God could have brought that change. He can and does do it.

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